The Sino-American Program (SAP), which began in 2011, integrates Chinese and American styles of education. SAP seeks to maintain high academic rigor while developing critical thinking skills and a global mindset.

SAP students are immersed in an environment that balances Chinese and English classes. Certified Chinese teachers teach the core Chinese curriculum and highly qualified native English speakers teach the English courses and other subjects, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses. For students interested in particular subjects, online and blended learning options are also available via partnership with schools accredited by North Central Association, an accreditation division of AdvancED. With each year in the SAP, the emphasis on English increases as students prepares to enter colleges in English speaking countries. However, Chinese and Korean classes are still offered to seniors of SAP due to our educational belief that increasing one’s critical thinking skills from their mother tongue will translate into critical thinking skills in English.

As holistic review becomes more prevalent in the application process of universities worldwide, including prestigious schools in China, more options are opening up for students graduating from the Sino-American Program and a few of our graduates have decided to stay within China and matriculate into Beijing University and Tsinghua University.

Sino-American Program is a three year curriculum from 10th grade to 12th grade. Pre-SAP courses are also available for those in 8th and 9th grade who are interested in pursuing the SAP curriculums as they enter high school. 


Unique and Individualized

The Sino-American Program’s uniqueness comes in the form of individualized attention to all our students. As a boarding school with a student to teacher ratio of 4 to 1, students receive personal care in matters both academic and non-academic. As students progress through SAP, teachers, and students develop a deep connection that allows for genuine conversations and guidance at an individual level. The connection forms a dynamic between student and teacher that is unfounded in other schools and allows teachers to guide students to grow holistically through successes and failures, instead of focusing solely on academics and achievements.

This dynamic between students and teachers are also evident in SAP’s college guidance process. With two college counselors assigned for each individual student, students are able to get multiple perspectives throughout their application process from trusted teachers. Together as a team, students will work with the counselors and their parents to form the best college list that prioritizes fit over rank, write a personal essay that shows their true self and complete supplementary materials that shows their genuine interest in the school. Supported by counselors and teachers, who knows each student individually, and their Letter of Recommendations, graduates of SAP have matriculated into schools worldwide where they are not just surviving, but truly thriving.


I feel very grateful towards my counselor because, at normal schools, teachers will just recommend reach, targets, and safety schools and draw the line.  But I put on a much greater task than that. Counseling definitely played a big role in me finding peace and becoming a more mature person now.

SAP Graduate Hyun Jun
Stanford University class of 2022