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Title 2017 International Future Business Leader Summit (MicroBiz)
Poster Date 2017-02-23 Visit 1604

It definitely thrilled me! Attending at the International Future Business Leader Summit (MicroBiz) in Shanghai, I changed my thoughts about Chinese education. The education system of China is gradually changing from mere college entrance exam preparation to a holistic character-building style. More and more Chinese students and their parents realize the limitations that the current education system has. Also, the Chinese Education Bureau consistently emphasizes creating various activities and programs to overcome the current difficulties of only one standard Chinese College Entrance Examination for every student.
About 1200 young students from well known secondary schools all over China, including foreign students who study in China, gathered together in Shanghai on February 1~6, 2017 for the 12th MicroBiz Competition. MicroBiz provides students a program that prepares them for the business world. At the competition, 6 or 8 students become a team to build a company, and divide the roles of CEO, Product Design team, Investment team, and Marketing team. 186 companies competed in a mock business environment for five fiscal year segments. 
The company “T150 – TGT” (ToGeTher, TarGeT, The Great Thing), was established by Harbin Wanbang School students. Siwon Song served as the CEO, Jiyoon Kang and Beomhyeok Lee severed as product designer, Ha Yeon Choi, Youli Jang and Heejun Yang served on the Marketing team, Hyunjeong Jun and Yuhong Chen served as the Investment Managers. Proudly enough, Beomhyeok Lee was selected as a keynote speaker for the Summit and he gave a speech in English at the opening ceremony. Our team was competing with 46 companies in the English speaking division. Our students’ team received the highest Angel Investment Grant at the beginning of the competition, but unfortunately, experienced company bankruptcy because of miscommunications. They analyzed the problems and overcame them together with a new strategy, and finally ran the company satisfactorily. Our team won the Best Dealer Company, the Best Product Design, the Best Investment Manager of The Year, Outstanding CEO awards, and Best Students in the Future MBA program.
The experience at MicroBiz was more than getting awards or a certificates of achievement. It challenged our students to see what they could achieve through their hard work.  I was happy to see from our students’ reflection, that they experienced not just a competition, but they learned how to build relationships and teamwork, applying what they learned with sparkling ideas, making a vision and its strategy. In addition, I could see that our students effectively learned skills of communication, discussion, debate, negotiation, and management, with passion and eventually challenged themselves to their limit. 

Dr. Hanzhu Jin

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