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Title SAP 12 College Acceptance Announcement
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Congratulations! Class of 2018 College Admissions News

Congratulations to our seniors!

The Sino-American Program (SAP) of Harbin Wanbang School is excited to share some exciting news about our college admissions results for the class of 2018. This year, our seniors have been accepted to highly selective colleges and universities, such as Stanford University, Colby College, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Duke Kunshan University, and the University of Hong Kong. The total scholarship amount offered to our students came out to be US$645,600.00.


Many of our senior students have been exceptional, and their abilities can be reflected by their competitive GPAs and the number of AP classes and exams they will have completed by the end of our program (average of 6, not including Dual Credit courses).  In addition, their active engagement with extracurricular activities, including our 2016 national award-winning choir team and the nationally recognized TV program filmed and edited by our students, not only contributed to their application but more importantly, played an important factor in helping them develop and mature as an individual.


The Sino-American Program of Harbin Wanbang School has been recognized as the model international program within the Heilongjiang Province in China. We have been helping students achieve their goals of studying abroad in the States, Canada, Europe and Australia through our program that finds a balance between Chinese and American curriculum. Through a variety of blended and in-person classes, including multiple AP courses, we also provide opportunities for students to think critically and expand their intellectual horizon.  Though the rigors of the SAP curriculum likely played a factor in our graduates past success with college admissions, including Emory University, Carnegie Mellon University, USC, UCLA, and UNC, it was the teaching outside of the classrooms and individualized guidance that pushed the students to go beyond just academics and develop holistically as a multicultural global servant leader.


Our international class of students, from Australia, USA, Peru, Korea, Turkey and Japan, allow SAP students to shift their perspective to foster a global mindset further and develop a multicultural sensitivity. The results of our program are self-evident from the recognition our students have received from national competitions such as the National High School Debate League China, Harvard Model United Nations and Microbiz International Future Business Leader Summit and acceptances from highly selective colleges.


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