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Title Congratulations to the Class of 2018
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Dear Class,

It is my honor to address you, our graduating class of 2018, on this blessed night in front of our growing family that is Wanbang SAP. You’ve done it! This is d-day, day 0. This is likely the day you have awaited for since you knew where you would go, or maybe even before that. So congratulations, not just on finishing High school but on being leaders who started new clubs and activities, adventurers who left their comfort zones to grow, and pioneers who opened more windows of opportunities for future SAPers. In your years spent here, you have enriched our program and now you are a step away from becoming ambassadors of SAP.

Even starting Sunday, many of you will begin leaving this place you called home for the past few years and enter on to foreign soil into society.  I’m sure you have conflicting emotions between the excitement of college with the fear of uncertainty. But I want to affirm to you that wherever you go, you have been trained and prepared for success. During your time here at WB it isn’t just English that you’ve learned but so much more. You take from here your loving hearts that can encompass the weakest in the community, your sense of right and wrong that will be your guide for a lifetime, and your infectious smiles and positivity that will spread across wherever you go. You embody honesty, diligence and love and you can and will become a difference maker in any community you join.

I say this with full confidence because I’ve seen these traits from you this past year. Class, though our time together has been short, we have endured a lot together. Through the ups and downs of personal essays, college applications and the emotional toils of college results together. And do you know what I saw? I saw the strength, the direction and the maturity from you that inspired me and shook me with excitement for what you’ll achieve. With beliefs, and values that is instilled in you, you will become the light in the dark, the compass to the lost and be the person to change our world one small community at a time. You will do this because you are all WB ren, and that is what we do - change and influence the world.

The world you now enter is like the ocean. Among the tides and waves of ideas and ideals you will come across, knowing yourself will be your foundation, your ship; the values you cherish and believe will be the compass that will bring meaning and reason to your life’s journey.

It is now time to set sail as WB rens to go make a difference. But before I share my final farewells, I’d like impart in you a quote.

Einstein once said, “There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.” Choose the latter.  Be excited, be joyful, live in constant amazement and thankfulness, but above all, remember you are a miracle.
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