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Title The Direction of Change
Poster Date 2018-06-26 Visit 1537
        Homeostasis is a process by which biological systems attempt to maintain stability in the face of changes. The process is frequently seen in our everyday life; when our body temperature drops, we shiver to warm up, and on the contrary, when our body temperature is too hot, we sweat to cool down.  Similarly, we as humans have our own process of homeostasis in life - a tendency of stagnation and propensity of not wanting to accept drastic changes in our ideologies or way of life. However, even with the process of homeostasis in full effect, as people age and deteriorate in health, we are also influenced and changed by our environment over time.  These subtle changes are gradual but inevitable as they are driven by our DNA - our ideals, values and core beliefs.

          At Wanbang, education is the process of instilling values, and beliefs in all students, thus transforming their DNA and giving direction to their life.  Changes on the surface are easy to appreciate even with the naked eye, yet as homeostasis dictates, are bound to return to the status quo. However, by instilling values such as honesty, diligence and love into our students, we make an attempt to transform them from the inside out.  These values are repeatedly taught and modeled day after day by the teachers who interact and surround our students 24/7. Though the speed of change is gradual, eventually what seemed at first to be a foreign idea to the students, soon becomes a part of their lives and the transformation that takes place subsequently is genuine and permanent.  With their core values shifted and providing the direction to their life, they no longer seek out their comfort zones or live in idleness with excuses. Instead, they seek out knowledge to learn, brave through experiences to grow, and through it all, ultimately transform into an individual of influence.

          To borrow a quote from our recent commencement speech,

          “The world you now enter is like the ocean. Among the tides and waves of ideas and ideals you will come across, knowing yourself will be your foundation, your ship; the values you cherish and believe will be the compass that will bring meaning and reason to your life’s journey.”

          As our next generation of youth prepares to lead the world of tomorrow, and journey out into the ocean, it is time to think about the quality of the compass that we instill upon them.

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