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Title Let's get ready!
Poster Date 2016-09-05 Visit 1504
A new semester is upon us. Our SAP student body is up to 30 students with 7 more in "Pre-SAP." Led by a dynamic group of 8 seniors, this looks like it will be another exciting school year!

This year's Student Body Leadership group is:
President: Lynn Chaerin Kim
Vice President: Muse Si Chen
Secretary: Jina Uijin Kim
Treasurer: Hannah Ha Yeon Choi
Community Relations: Daniela Hyeran Jung
June Ji Yoon Kang
Activities Coordinator: Lily Yujin Jeon
Lucy Lu Chen
Peer Tutoring Coordinator: Gina Seoyeon Shim
Student Facilities Manager: Sally Yuhong Chen
12th Grade Class Leader:
11th Grade Class Leader:
10th Grade Class Leader:
Daniel Heejun Yang
Justin Yuhang Sun
Julie Yuri Jang
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