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Title College Information Session: YaleNUS College
Poster Date 2018-11-29 Visit 444

On November 29th, a skype informational session with Yale-NUS was held for our SAP students. Yale-NUS is a highly selective university that was formed via a partnership between Yale University and the National University of Singapore with an acceptance rate of less than 5%. Our students were provided the chance to hear from their senior admissions officer, and show their genuine interest and passion for learning. The quality of questions followed by a separate information session with just the counselor’s changed what was initially a formal presentation into a frank discussion about the university and our program.

Vision and Mission


A community of learning,
Founded by two great universities,
In Asia, for the world.


Yale-NUS College, a residential college located in Singapore, aims to redefine liberal arts and science education for a complex, interconnected world.

Link to Yale-NUS Homepage

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