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Title College Visit: BestFit Tour
Poster Date 2019-04-09 Visit 623

Numerous admissions officers from the U.S. visited Wanbang during the BestFit China Tour. From well known public universities like University of Kentucky, to specialty institutions like the Aviation Institute of Maintenance and community colleges like Pierce College, the event was filled with a wide variety of schools to truly help students expand their options and find their best fit school. The visit allowed our students to speak to admissions officers directly and find out more about the multiple options and paths that are available for them to truly thrive once they graduate from Wanbang. By helping students learn and think about what is the right fit for them, and not solely focus on the rankings, it is our hope as counselors that the students will find the perfect school that will not only help them on towards their personal goals but also provide them with an academic challenge, opportunities to expand and supportive friends with similar mindsets. In the end, the "perfect school" for each student is not found on any ranking sites but depends on the individual students needs and preferences.

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