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Title National High School Debate League of China
Poster Date 2019-05-29 Visit 777

The National High School Debate League of China (NSDLC) is the largest and most influential English debate contest in the country, attended by students from more than 500 prestigious high schools in more than 40 cities each year. This year’s competition, held at Wanbang school, was on the topic of 'Countries should prioritize climate change adaptation over mitigation.

Through the debate experience, students not only learn to speak English, think logically and express their opinions effectively but they also learn to cooperate and challenge themselves by working together as they share and analyze each other’s arguments and opinions. A total of 22 teams from our school participated in this year’s debate. In the high school division, 4 teams reached the octofinals, 2 teams reached the quarter-finals and 1 team reached the semifinals. In the middle school division 2 teams reached the quarter final. 4 of our students were also chosen for the top speaker award. Our school was further awarded Outstanding Host School and the First Place School honor for two years in a row.

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