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Title 2017 Wanbang Cup
Poster SAP Date 2017-04-28 Visit 972

2017 Wanbang Cup Student Reflections

Each year, Harbin Wanbang School hosts an English-language competition for local elementary schools. The competition includes a written exam and a speech contest. During the time, our SAP students have the opportunity to interact with these young English learners. Some of our 11th and 12th grade SAP students work in teaching teams to play some English language-based activities with the children. These are some of the reflections written by our SAP students. Perhaps they have planted seeds in these young learners to possibly join SAP in the future!

Even though this was my second time helping the same part of the Wanbang Cup program, the experience this time was very different from what I have done and learned last time. First of all, I learned how hard it is to teach English using English. Since for our team, June and I were leading the class, I had to be the teacher who uses English and June had to be a translator. As I started explaining rules in English to the Chinese elementary students, I realized the challenge that teachers might have been facing as a second language teacher. It was easy to teach English in Chinese, but it was hard to teach English in English to someone who is not familiar with English. This was a new challenge to me as a ‘pre-’ second language teacher.”

Chaerin (Lynn) Kim, c/o 2017


“She was very shy, she didn’t know how to pronounce ‘neighbor.’ When she was not [“it”], she turned to me in a very small voice, “teacher, how to say that.” It was my first time to be called teacher...being a teacher was my dream, I still [wasn’t] use to the way she call me ‘teacher.’ It was awkward, but that was nice...I tried to make myself patiently to teach her how to pronounce that words and the sentence.”

Bohan (Katherine) Lin, c/o 2018


“During the activity, I found that there is a girl who reacted excessively active. She almost replied [to] any words we said. She is really like me in the past.  Before that I didn't feel that I was that noisy. I can totally understand the reason why she did that. She just needed others to pay more attention to her. Maybe her parents didn't pay much attention, that's why she tried to get attention from other places. I didn't stop her but smiled to her because she is really like me.”

Lu (Lucy) Chen, c/o 2018


“One thing that is most important for me is that I learned about the way of getting along with people I do not know within a short amount of time. Before I actually saw the kids, I was sort of worried about meeting all the students that have different family backgrounds, personalities, and ages. However, when I chose to smile at all of them and introduce [our teaching team] with a bright voice, [they] reacted actively and smile back to us. Just like someone said ‘Life is just like a mirror, the way that you treat it determines how it will treat you back.’ The reason that I felt the awkward atmosphere at first is because that I was being awkward myself. If I can treat the students with a happy and ordinary heart at first, the awkwardness can be fixed at once.”

Si (Muse) Chen, c/o 2017


“For 40 minutes, I got to teach some elementary students with my classmates. We planned hat activities we would like to do, considering their English level, and considering what fun activities will let them learn and have fun. Overall, the class was successful. Students had fun and we, as teachers, were happy to see students learning and having fun. As a student who is dreaming to be an educator in the future, this experience became a motivation for me and one again I reminded myself why I should be an educator.”

Ha Yeon (Hannah) Choi, c/o 2018

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