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Title Wanbang MircroBiz Reflection
Poster Beomhyeok Lee Date 2017-06-30 Visit 707
After attending 12th International Future Business Leader Summit (Microbiz) in Shanghai, some of the attendants gathered to prepare for hosting a similar business competition in Wanbang School.
Si Chen was the leader of the team, and she allocated the positions to each one of attendants to 'manage' the competition this time. I was assigned to an academic expert team. First, with other members of the team, I fixed the rules of the competition in a simple way. Moreover, we prepared for the presentation to explain the rules and helped the participants by answering their questions and giving advises to them. At the actual day of the competition, we operated the main system of the competition.

While I was advising students and managing the competition, I could see the passion and the energy of the participants. Most of the students were taking their business seriously, and they were making their best efforts to create their own products, make contact with other companies to make a deal, and plan strategies to prepare for the unexpected new situations. Although the size of the competition was smaller than the national Microbiz competition, each participant's hard work and passion for their duties were comparable to those of any other participants I met in national competition.

​My experience in the National Microbiz competition was valuable, for it drove me to have courage myself, and use my passion to express my beliefs and visions through the process of preparing for a speech and designing a product. However, I found that the process of hosting a competition in school and helping the participants to be confident and wise during the competition was more valuable. That was not because I experienced more awesome experiences during that process, but because I could now help others have a courage and be passionate. What I experienced during the national competition was the positive growth I had, but what I experienced during preparing and helping behind the competition was supporting others and helping others visualize their goals and pump out their potentials. Even after the school business competition, I am now helping several participants who are wanting to attend the upcoming Microbiz competition in Shanghai, and I see they are building each other up and preparing to take a new challenge together. I am thankful that my previous experiences could be a building block for their preparation and I hope that they will prepare harder and achieve bigger than what we previously did.
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