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Title My College Choice: Dickinson
Poster Yujin (Lily) Jeon Date 2017-07-05 Visit 787

I’ve decided to go to Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. First, it focuses on “sustainable education,” exploring ways to preserve and improve current states in society, economy, and environment in which I am interested. The more I read about Dickinson, the more I see that it is future-oriented and makes an effort to improve global society, which strengthens my desire to attend Dickinson. It also has International Studies major where I can learn deeply about different fields and connect them to understand global development and issues. The financial package it offers me definitely triggered my decision. Additionally, its location, neighboring big, major cities such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York, is perfect for me. Most of all, I had the feeling that “this is my school.” 
I’m really excited about my four (or more) years of college life, what I will learn--not only academically but also personally--and who I will meet in the diverse campus and how I will grow from all these experiences. I’m confident that SAP helped provide me the chance to go to America. in addition to everything we learned in our classes, it gave me the opportunity to improve my overall English and be more familiar with the American culture. Most of all, the sincere advice from the teachers helped me a lot! 
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