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Title My College Choice: Fudan
Poster Yena (Lois) Chung Date 2017-07-05 Visit 819

I have chosen Fudan University in Shanghai, China.
First of all, while I was preparing for American Colleges in Wanbang School, I came to be very interested in the rapid development of the Chinese economy and the country itself, and I changed my mind to prepare for Chinese University. Before, I was totally into Biology and scientific field of studies, but when I came to be interested in Chinese and global economy, I thought that studying in China would be better for me to know and understand more about China. Even though I've studied in China for almost 4 years, I was a part of SAP for preparing for American Universities, so I didn't get to study about Chinese culture and language deeply enough.
I'm very excited about going to Fudan University as an Economics major student, because I'm excited about living in such a vibrant city studying what I have not tried studying before. I found another aspect of me in myself while I was studying in China that what I like and want to do is not only science, but also social sciences as well. Since Shanghai is the center of economy and the most globalized city in China, and Fudan University is renowned for its highly-ranked economics program, I would like to try studying Economics at Fudan and I am very excited and anticipated about it. 

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