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Title My College Choice: UNC
Poster Chaerin (Lynn) Kim Date 2017-07-05 Visit 933
For me, deciding which college to attend was harder than what I thought. The tuition was the biggest obstacle that prevented me from choosing the right college that I really want to spend my next 4 years in. After talking with my parents about my dream and what experience will be most valuable to me when I do the things that I want to do in the future, I decided to go to America. Among several different choices that I had for American colleges, I chose University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which is known as one of the oldest public universities.
The reason why I chose to attend UNC-Chapel Hill is because I knew that the school life there will be very different from what I have experienced up until this point. I have spent most of my student years in small private community and I wanted to challenge myself with much more diverse and large community. Also, since the school is big, the opportunities and activities seemed like it was unlimited. Another factor that attracted me to this school was a relatively small number of international students compare to that of other big public schools. Most large colleges have a lot of Korean or Chinese students, but for this school, only 1-2% were international students. This told me that I will be exposed to American culture more naturally. Finally, I liked the fact that UNC-Chapel Hill focused on liberal arts education while being a big research university. The balance between liberal arts education and research university education attracted me. Also, the academic rigor of this school was relatively high, so I wanted to challenge myself by studying with the students who are strong academically.
My biggest expectation for my college life in UNC-Chapel Hill is meeting diverse people and  getting involved in or starting new things that are related to my passion in and outside of the campus. I am looking forward to meet people from a country that I haven’t been to or haven’t even heard of. I expect it to be hard and challenging, but I also can already see how I will grow up and change through that experience, so I am very excited about meeting new and diverse people in the college. Also, I am more than just excited to start a club or get involved in an organization that I can actually do something actively for the society and make change to my community. I know some of them will be just my fantasy for going to U.S. colleges, but still the fact that I will be exposed to a larger and totally different world makes me challenge and dream for my college life.
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