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Title Global Leadership Camp Reflection
Poster Yun Ji (Lucy) Lee Date 2017-07-23 Visit 781

About W.I.S.E Class

   Hello, friends, teachers, and parents. My name is Lucy Lee. We had a great time, learning not only English but also how to be global and how to be a true leader of this world. This time, specifically, I’d like to share what I and we learned from W.I.S.E Class.

   On the first day, we worked individually to decorate our own fans. On the second day, we played a game in 2 teams which the team that has highest positive score wins. On the third day, we played Apples-to-Apples game, which was to find connection between 2 different word cards. At first, when I recalled these 3 activities, it seemed like we just enjoyed, and had fun playing games, making new fans, earning points and so on. However, there were something really important hidden, and these 3 activities were having special connections.

   We learned how to express ourselves in creative way by making fans individually. None of our fans was same, which means we are all different, and we all have our own special color. Next, we learned how to connect 2 different things. We could find connections between ‘polite,’ and ‘earth,’ or ‘honest,’ and ‘cutting hair.’ Such nonsense words can be connected, then why can’t ‘we’ be connected? Subsequently, we learned how bad the outcome is when we don’t talk, don’t trust, and don’t cooperate. We, both teams could win together, however our greediness to win alone led to a tragedy.

   So, as global leaders, we should make ourselves special, which would be more powerful when we are connected and cooperate toward one vision. Likewise, W.I.S.E class helped us take a step toward ‘global leader’ and I hope we don’t stop training ourselves to be ‘global leader,’ remembering these valuable experiences.


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