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Title Winter Intensive Course Reflection (10th grade)
Poster Miri Kim/ Hawon Choi Date 2018-01-20 Visit 776

 Winter Intensvie Course (WIC) Reflection

Miri Kim / 10th grade

          Before WIC, honestly I really didn’t want to do it. But, now I think it was a good experience. I had a different schedule than the others. But, during WIC I learned that if you have a positive mindset then you are able to do it. The biggest challenge was memorizing the vocabulary and taking lots of math classes. For memorizing vocabulary, I slept at 1:00~2:00 everyday trying to study 100 words into my brain. But, with the positive mindset and that this is all for my good. I just kept memorizing. I wasn’t able to overcome “Math” classes and “Math” in general. But, I think I improved in my math skills a little bit. What I can apply what I have overcame, I am able to apply it when I go back to JD. I will also be studying, so I can use my overcoming abilities and positive mindset to strive to do better. Also, I can apply this in my next semester. When I study for the SAT and next WIC. I can look back to my “last year”. And remember, how to do better. How I can improve. The main thing that I learned is that you are able to do greater if you do it “Together”

It was a Wonderful Interesting Colorful two weeks of studying.

In Wanbang School, we educate students to take 'vacation' as a continuation of a school term and call it JD (A Journey with King David). Students will be able to practice what they have learned in school to outside and gain self-leadership. Through such learning experience, they will share the joy to the people around and bring positive influence.

Hawon (Samuel) Choi / 10th grade

          This time of WIC was the most intensive course comparing to previous WICs. It was a time when we are easily get excited because it’s right before winter break. So, I am thankful for that I can avoid this by an intensive course. I’ll definitely say I learned a lot. Although it as only TOEFL itself, I think I learned English in general. Beyond that, I learned how to be confidence the most. Now I am kind of getting what “English” is, and understand what I should do to improve my English. I had many barriers before WIC, for example to much “uh” in speaking section, not managing the time wisely in reading, and so on. I am happy that all of these are getting better, or still in process of improve at least. I ‘m glad I overcame these difficulties. As I mentioned, more than TOEFL, it is English that we are learning. For my next semester I’ll read more books, memories vocabulary, and involved in many activities to enhance my English skill. I ‘ll make this plan more practical and efficient. 

                                        Hawon Choi                                                                 Miri Kim

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