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Title Winter Intensive Course Reflection (11th grade)
Poster Yuri Jang/ Yunji Lee Date 2018-01-20 Visit 875

Winter Intensive Course (WIC) Reflection

Yuri Jang / SAP11

          I never anticipated WIC will be this hard. Yeah, it was Hell. I could not finish my first day homework even though I worked until 3am. I wanted to follow all schedule perfectly and memorize all words perfectly but I could not do as I expected. The more depressed thing was my SAT test score. Last year December, I took SAT and got really high score which was 1400. I thought it was reward of my 3 months hard working. However, every official test I took during WIC scored 1350. I was afraid that I might get lower score on March SAT test with this circumstance. That fear overwhelmed me. I was so worried everyday. However, swimming in this worrying pool didn’t help me. This stress won’t let me get higher score. I should think logically. It is true that there is possibility to get miserable score but who knows. I saw my weakness and saw the portion where I could improve easily. If I improve my writing and math score and maintain my reading score, I am able to get higher score. This WIC was a time for me to confront reality and overcome it. Now, at this point of ending WIC, I have confidence and hope to get though this winter vacation and running toward my goal! Thank you WIC.  


Yunji Lee / SAP 11

          I felt a true marathon during this WIC. It was a short-term marathon to me, which I felt for the first time in SAP. Especially, on second week whenever I got SAT practice test in the morning, I wondered thousands of time if I can run out of this classroom shouting to Ms. Esther and say “I won’t like you during this WIC!!!” I wondered thousands of time if I should write love letters to Ms. Esther on SAT essay paper or not. But, when I finally decided not to do, when I finally decided to face my limitation, I learned one thing. I learned that the marathon and the limitation shows me who I am and where I am and to know where I am is the start of everything. What I learned for WIC is to know myself and I realized this when I saw my datas on Mr. David’s laptop. Percentages of getting right for each question types, percentage of how I’m doing on each of passage types… and when I finally knew where I am, I knew where to start and how to do it. I won’t be able to learn this unless I face my limitation. To pick one of the biggest challenge during WIC, I would like to say “mental disorder”. Marathon disguised under the name of “test” was a chaos itself, and it was something more than stamina. But I think I could overcome it because there was Julie, Jenny, Joyce, Ann, Miri and Taylor whom didn’t give up facing this WIC. Without them, I would surly talked to Mr. Kang and ask him to send me back to Korea. Every language and joy I shared with my friends help me to get though the difficult time during WIC. Now, I would like to apply things I learned from WIC to my JD (Journey with King David) and next semester. As I mentioned previously, I knew where I am through facing my limitation. So I would like to start studying from where I should be. During JD and next semester, I would like to face my limitation to develop and change where I am right now. 

In Wanbang School, we educate students to take 'vacation' as a continuation of a school term and call it JD (A Journey with King David). Students will be able to practice what they have learned in school to outside and gain self-leadership. Through such learning experience, they will share the joy to the people around and bring positive influence.

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