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Title After Reading 'Tuesdays with Morrie'
Poster Isaac Yang Date 2019-04-03 Visit 708

After Reading 'Tuesdays with Morrie' 
Isaac Yang(9th grade)


This semester was my first semester in Pre-SAP. Lots of people think Pre-SAP students would be very flexible with their English skill, but it was not totally the case for me. In fact, before I joined Pre-sap, I never read an English book from start to finish. So this book, Tuesdays with Morrie, was the first English book I have ever finished reading. However, through this book, I gained confidence in myself and learned lots of things I want to share with you today.

If someone asks, “Tell me one thing that you want to know about your future?” many would answer that they are most curious about the date of their death. This book’s protagonist Morrie knew when he will die through his doctor. At first, he panicked and was depressed. But he soon realizes that depression cannot help him complete his life meaningfully. With a new determination to try to spread his pearls of wisdom while he lived, he joyfully shares and, in the end, he is able to die in peace. When wondering how the protagonist was able to overcome the fear of death and live as a person who makes a difference, I discovered that it is because he saw even his death in a positive sight.

Some may wonder “Why should we live positively?”. There are lots of ways to answer, but I want you to think of Dominos; In the 1950s, U.S Secretary of State J.F Dulles had claimed the ‘Domino theory’. Domino theory is when one country in a region is communized, neighboring countries will communize one after another. Similar to this, I think the reason we must live positively is because each person has an influence on his or her surroundings. If someone lives with a negative mindset, the people around him or her will be negatively affected, and if he or she lives with a positive mindset, the people around that person will be positively affected and might develop positive mindsets.


I have experienced this personally. Entering this semester, I was assigned to serve my room as a deputy room leader. Unlike the last two semesters, my influence in the room suddenly got bigger. But until the middle of this semester, I was not aware of my effect on others. One day, I was so gloomy, and everything in the world seemed negative to me. When I spent time with my roommates, I was angry and annoyed at the trivial things. To my surprise, I immediately saw how all my roommates acted sensitively and negatively that day. That night, I deeply reflected on the negative effects I had on my room, and I promised to live positively not only for myself but also for the people around me. From that day on, whenever bad things happened, I could think of that specific day and overcome many negative thoughts. I remember reading a quote saying, “Our minds are like computers. No matter how good or expensive the computer is, if it uses bad hardware that is virus-prone and doesn’t fit on this computer, it will never keep the value of it.” But if we try to shake off and be free of negative thoughts, I know positive thought will fill our hearts.

I believe that this book has the power to improve people’s quality of life. How Morrie was a real person who lived made the book leave a stronger impression for me. I’m so thankful that I could find and learn meaningful values through this book, and I will make sure to keep these values in mind and try to live with them in my life here at WanBang.

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