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Title Microbiz Closing Speech - Don’t Limit Yourself
Poster Kyu Choi Date 2019-03-14 Visit 702

Don’t limit yourself, but believe in yourself.


I’m Kyu Choi from Harbin Wanbang international school, who was the CEO of the company ARES. Throughout the competition, each team has shared its blood, tears, and sweat together. Especially as a foreigner, I was deeply honored to see the efforts of prospective leaders of China.

Before I begin my actual speech, I would like to introduce an interesting tale. Do you know how a trainer tame elephants? Do elephants not have the power to unbind themselves from a chain?

Indeed, they do. However, the reason why they can’t break the restraint is because they don’t try anymore.

Since their youth period, elephants are bound to a shackle. They try their best to break the chain; however, it doesn’t work, and they would say, “Man, I can never break this thing.”

After this moment, they give up. And the elephants never try again.

Some of you might feel confused, thinking, “Why this dude is talking about elephants in a business competition?” But what I feel like is, these elephants are just like us.

When we were young, we didn’t really care about what others say. Everyone has once dreamed of something great, and we believed that we could achieve it. However, as the time passed, we met obstacles, we met critics, and we reduced our dreams to nothing. We compromised. We limited ourselves.

A famous businesswoman, Mary Kay Ash has once said, “You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.”

We should never limit ourselves. What we believe is something we can achieve.

But, I’m here to tell you that mere belief is not the key. What we really need to hold is the earnest belief and vivid vision, because we all have purposes and missions to complete. And I tell you that after I realized I can do anything through my earnest belief, my life changed dramatically. Opportunities came to me: the opportunity to study, opportunity to learn in China, opportunity to be here. I observed so many miracles in my life. And today, I genuinely believe that one day a student from this competition will change the world; and I wish, all of you do, too.

As we close the conference, I would like to invite you to take my offer. My offer is that all of you should not limit yourselves. Then, your leadership, relationship, and even your life will then be drastically changed.

Thank you!

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