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Title After reading ‘The Hobbit’
Poster Celine Myoung Date 2019-12-04 Visit 446

After reading ‘The Hobbit’
Celine Myoung(10th grade)


Looking back, I noticed that the last time I dreamed of going on an adventure was more than 10 years ago. So, when I picked up this book, I knew I had to read it though in order to see what kind of adventures I had forgotten to dream for so many years. At first, I didn’t really expect to learn any new lessons from this book since I had already seen the movie version. My guess, however, was completely wrong. While I read this book, I learned thousands of new things, things I had been ignoring and pushing out of my life.

In the beginning of the book, Bilbo Baggins, the main character, was very unambitious and preferred his comfortable life at home. To be honest, I, myself, have also felt the same thing as Bilbo. Since I was young, I secured myself in a state which I was familiar with. I locked up my school life, habits, current situation, etc. and I never dared to do something new because I was afraid of failing and losing. I could whole-heartedly understand Bilbo when he refused to leave his home to go on an adventure, because I sympathized with his comfort of being stable and safe. However, it was not when Bilbo was safe and sound in his own hobbit-house that he was able learn something, but it was when he was out on the adventure and when he was in the middle of dangers that he was able to grow. When I read this part, I learned that in order to reach or achieve something, I must not be afraid. Also, when I take a step out of my comfort zone, I gain the opportunity to become a better person. So from now on, I made a decision to not to be too comfortable or satisfied, but instead to be ambitious and have courage throughout my life.

Also, in the book, Bilbo becomes afraid and anxious when Gandalf tells Bilbo that he would be leaving their expedition a while. Gandalf was the only mighty one among them that had the ability to save them from various dangers. I also had a similar experience with Bilbo. When I was young, I had numerous troubles with my classmates. My mom helped me to deal with these problems, and thanks to her, I was able to work the whole thing out. But suddenly one day, my mom declared that she would not help me anymore, since I had already grown up and should learn how to make relationships independently. That’s when I started to be nervous and fearful. I had a hard time socializing and making relationship with friends for a while. I blamed my mom for abandoning me in the difficult times and doubted if she even cared for me. But through this book, I could make sense of why she left me on my own - she wanted me to get through the difficulties without her protection and help. Similarly, I believe that the reason why Bilbo could gain so many valuable lessons and new traits during his adventure was because Gandalf left their expedition for a while. Now, I am very grateful to my mom in that she let me face the difficulties on my own. I believe that’s how I could become better at making relationships. I decided to be thankful whenever I face difficulties without protection or guardians to help me because it can be a great opportunity for me to learn and develop. Even now, I am facing thousands of new challenges every day. Since I know that these challenges and hard times will be stepping stones to success, I am determined to accept them and deal with them with my full effort.

Lastly, this book made me think about the true definition of "friendship”. Before I read this book, I always thought that friends must be loyal to each other and never anger one another. However, this book told me that this isn’t always the case. For instance, when Thorin was obsessed with the treasures he regained, Bilbo was worried about him. And although Thorin longed to find the Arkenstone in the piles of his treasures, Bilbo didn’t give it to him, and instead handed it to Bard in order to help them both. When Thorin found out about the Arkenstone, he was furious and thought Bilbo was a traitor, but Bilbo gave up the stone because he was whole-heartedly concerned about Thorin. Sometimes, these kinds of things happen in my life as well. Until I read this book, I thought my “friends” were not really my friends because they were not on my side. Looking back, I feel embarrassed and grateful to them for stopping me from improper actions. I realized that my friends here in Wanbang School are my true friends. I decided that if they try to help me, I will be thankful to them, although their help might not look like they are being loyal to me.

The book, ‘The Hobbit’, is filled with many great lessons. Through this book, I learned that I shouldn’t be afraid of trying something new, true development happens when I face difficulties on my own, and that real friends act according to the best decisions that fit one another. I think I could accept these lessons sincerely because I could understand and connect with the characters in the book. I decided that I should not stay miserable thinking that I am not good enough, but always try to overcome just like the characters in this book did.

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