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Title After reading ‘Holes’
Poster Eric Heo Date 2019-12-19 Visit 434
 After reading ‘Holes’
Eric Heo (8th grade)


True Happiness in an Unlucky Life

We can’t avoid slumps in our lives. However, for some people, the difficulties can be more frequent than others, and usually we call them ‘unlucky people’. The book Holes is a story about an unlucky boy—Stanley Yelnats, who was innocent but falsely charged for stealing sneakers and forced to join Green Lake camp— a detention center where they made the delinquents dig holes in a desert. Because of Stanley’s bad luck, many poor and unfair situations happen at the camp, but at the end of the story Stanley finds happiness. 

Many things happen in this book and most of the situations Stanley faces are unfair, but they are also critical. The scene that left the deepest impression on me was when Stanley taught Zero, his illiterate friend at Green Lake Camp, how to write the alphabet and when Zero helped Stanley dig a hole. At first, Zero was a boy who only knew how to speak, but one day when Stanley was reading his mother’s letter, Zero approached Stanley and asked if he could teach him to read. Stanley refused at first since he was so tired and the time Stanley would have to teach Zero was his only break time to recover and recharge his energy to dig holes the next day. Zero’s request was too heavy for him. When Stanley tried to refuse Zero’s request, Zero came out with a new suggestion: Zero would help Stanley dig holes and Stanley would teach Zero the alphabet. Stanley accepted Zero’s deal. Despite receiving resentment from others, they continued to help and comfort each other. From this moment, I found that helping each other and having cooperation can help us overcome “unluckiness”. This life lesson can be applied to my life. For example, we have study groups in Wanbang which are small groups where students gather together and share what they learn. We not only can learn what we’ve lost during the class but we also share our knowledge. We understand that this is a way to overcome the limitation of knowledge by a single person. Therefore, cooperating habits can make us both proud and pleased and help us overcome “unluckiness” or other negative factors.

I was also deeply impressed when Stanley was finally freed from Green Lake camp. In my view, he was able to be freed because of his justice. Throughout the whole story, Stanley always did the right thing no matter how risky it was for him. He was a boy who risked himself to help others and finally received the reward of his actions. Justice brought good luck to the unlucky Stanley. We can find many moments in the story that show Stanley’s justice. He risked himself to find lost Zero, he always said the truth and patiently waited until others realized the truth, even when they teased him. If I was in his situation, it would be really hard for me to be truthful and just, especially if I had to risk something. However, the honest and kind Stanley was able to boldly dedicate himself to his values and cope with his difficulties. He is a consistent boy and his kindness brought everyone happiness and gave a positive influence. I decided to be honest and just consistently like Stanley, even when it has a risk.  

Overall, I enjoyed this book very much. This book was my first English book that I completed in middle school, and it captivated my attention with many interesting and fun scenes. Not only was the book interesting, but it also taught me an important life lesson. I am often pessimistic about my life, especially when I’m unjustly misunderstood by other people, or unluckily fail to do something I really put an effort on doing. However, after I read Holes, I found that a mindset like Stanley can help us find true happiness even in an unlucky life through cooperation and being just. These kinds of happiness aren’t easy to find, but as long as we find them and remember them, we can be positive and happy. 

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