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Title The Right Mirror
Poster 11th grade Date 2019-12-19 Visit 602

The Right Mirror
11th grade

We are now Juniors, but we were all once in CSL like you guys. In the process of training in Wanbang, we were able to see our true selves through many mirrors. 

The Mirror of Responsibility
CSL was the time we were introduced to new mirrors we had never seen before when we were in Korea. The most important mirror we learned to appreciate was the mirror of responsibility. 
Everyone has a responsibility to be a servant leader in our community. At first, we were really shocked to see students clean the classroom, only because they loved their peers and felt the responsibility to provide them a clean environment to study. These acts of students became the mirror of responsibility that everybody in the class soon could see their reflections on. One by one, students began carrying out their responsibility and soon we were all one step closer to being servant leaders in our classroom.

The Mirror of Study 
There were many times that we thought we had studied really hard, but our scores remained the same or our passion to study didn’t last really long. Do you know why? It is because we were pretending to study, in other words, we were studying for high scores - even studying just to score higher than a certain person. However, through PBL, campaign fairs, and Solomon Project, we were able to look into another mirror, the mirror of study, to help us realize that we should study not for college or comparisons but to improve ourselves and to complete our duty as students. Through studies, we also acquired new knowledge and was able to expand our understandings about our own passion or dream. 

Mirror in Relationship
For young teenagers, there are so many times that we choose to use how others view us as the mirror that defines ourselves. However, in that mirror, our flaws are always badly exaggerated. Focusing on the mirror of others, we even started to deny our positive qualities and lost confidence in our daily lives. Finally, with the help of caring teachers, friends and genuine room leaders, we realized that we had been looking into the wrong mirror. In the end, we learned that the true mirror we need to see ourselves in is through the mirror of the perfect love. People’s words are worth considering, but they are not everything.
We can see that the training we are completing here at Wanbang all strengthens this “mirror of the perfect love”. Our dear friends and dorm family, we hope that you will explore many more different kinds of mirrors like the mirror of responsibility and the mirror of study, but most of all the mirror of the perfect love. 

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