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Title Honesty
Poster Room 311 Date 2020-09-09 Visit 1288

Room 311(Stephany Lee, Michelle Song, Ivy Park, Elina Park, Camilla Yoon)

MC: Hi everyone! Wasn’t today’s JG full of grace? It was an energetic and joyful JG, because it was with the freshmen. I’m so thankful that today we can hold our WB talk show with them. I’m Yoonjee Song, today’s host of the WB talk show. Today I’d like to give a present filled with wisdom to you guys. Now, there comes the present!


Mr. H: Hello~ My name is Honesty. You can call me Mr. H. I’ve heard that the members of room 311 shared about me, and that’s why I’m here today.

MC: Yay! The present that I’ve prepared today is our great Mr. H!~~~~ I’m so glad to meet you~

Mr. H: May I ask you a question?

MC: Umm… sure!

Mr. H: How have you thought about me until now?

MC: Um… I’ve known about you as ”always telling the truth, and never stealing or cheating.” So, when I lied, I felt sorry to you.

Mr. H: Hahahaha! I’m a little bit sad that you’ve thought of me only as the basic meaning. I must properly introduce myself today.

MC: Wow! I can’t wait to hear it!

Mr. H: A few days ago, WB students made a poster related to me with the freshmen. Maybe, the freshmen students will introduce me better than me! Jiyoung~ please come out!

Freshman1: Hi! We are the freshmen students from WB school. Actually, we haven’t thought of honesty deeply before. However! The honest behaviors of my roommates, and their sharing of honesty made me think about honesty once more.

MC: I see~ It seems that the roommates’ attitude was very impressive! What was the first impression of your roommates?

Freshman2: Even when there weren’t any teachers with them, they still followed the rules and behaved with yangshim. Even though it doesn’t seem very hard, I was so impressed by it! Then, I realized, “Honesty” isn’t just not lying, but it is doing the right things even when nobody is looking.

MC: Wow, it’s a very surprising definition! Now let’s welcome the representatives of positive influence, the older students in room 311.

Older student: We found Bible verses related to honesty and did QT on those verses. Whoever misleads the upright into an evil way will fall into his own pit, but the blameless will have a goodly inheritance. (Proverbs 28:10) Through this verse, I learned that honesty is a shield that blocks me from falling into the trap of sin. To build the good ability of being honest, we need to first apply this in our lives. It doesn’t stop at just not lying, we have to do our best in any situation and obey God’s words. Honesty is an attitude toward life.


MC: Wow~ I didn’t know about the deep meaning of honesty! I believe that the sharing time with your room members would have been full of learning and wisdom because you could all share about the meaning of honesty together. The new semester just started, so I hope all WB students can apply “honesty” in their lives. Mr. H, do you have anything to say to the WB students?


Mr. H: WB students! I hope you can share the deeper meaning of honesty with the freshman students through your daily lives. Don’t forget! I am always in your hearts~


MC: Thank you very much~ It was a meaningful time full of learning and wisdom. Okay, this was today’s WB talk show. We thank you all for being here today.

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