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Title After reading LIVE TO GIVE
Poster Samuel Kim Date 2020-12-09 Visit 1286

SAP 10 Samuel Kim

“I study to give!”, “Donation is happiness!” I often heard students and teachers say these things at our school. However, to be honest, I had sneered at them, “What nonsense! Or Don't make me laugh.” Nevertheless, I changed little by little over two years. I remember the first time when I changed my view of giving: All of the students in our school were taking part in the Culture Project. We analyzed the cultures in our school and made newspapers, posters, and videos to introduce our cultures. And I was in charge of the newspaper team. The topic that our team covered was the donation cultures in our school. During interviewing students, I was really surprised that they have given money, time, and talents with pleasure. After the culture project, I was acculturated to our donation culture; I have participated in every donation festival and projects like Run For Love, Donation Sports day with gratitude. From then on, I changed completely and now I open this book wondering how to live to give.

Austin Gutwein (gootwine), the author of this book used his talent, basketball, to help AIDS patients in Africa and that guy guides readers to find their gifts and use them for God. Austin mentioned, “God doesn’t need your help. But he definitely wants it.” Yes, God is the omniscient one; He can do anything he wants without my help. Maybe I would be a hindrance when I try to help him. But he does want me; He wants to use me for his will and his purpose. I was so grateful that my spiritual stomach started to growl (grouwl). I became hungry for God’s will and wanted to find my own gifts I have been given and use it to make a difference in the world.

When I began wondering what gifts God gave me, I could find nothing at first. Maybe it was soccer or my optimistic characteristics, but I was quite discouraged when I felt that I was not given any special talents. I prayed and kept reading this book. Afterwards, I found that I was given so many different gifts from God. The reason I could not find my gifts was that I was comparing my gifts with others; and I was hoping I could have been given their gifts, like high IQ, musical instrument, and tall body. But I was wrong; this book taught me that God made me unique from others, and God also made others different from me. As for myself, I can proudly say that He has given me gifts such as: self-discipline, public speaking, creativity, foreign languages, leadership, taking initiative, athleticism, integrity, and courage, etc. They may not be the biggest gifts compared to others. But now I love the unique gifts that He gave me regardless of the size. 

Now that I have found my gifts, I began wanting to use my gifts whenever I can. Luckily, there are so many chances at our school. For instance, there are numerous student led projects, donation festivals, nursing home visits, 장학재단방문, out-reach, and so on. I do not know exactly how, but I look forward to using my gifts to its fullest in all of these opportunities.

Moreover, I want to continue to find and grow my gifts even more. I am not an adult but only a teenager. This means that it is still my best time to find more of God’s gifts and grow them. Therefore, I will keep finding what interests me through different experiences, some big like traveling, competitions, and mission trips, but also some small like dorm life, school work, and my everyday life. Then, I will develop my gifts. I will keep practicing my gifts like soccer, calisthenics, piano, etc; remember that what you now consider a hobby can be God’s gift for you too, like Austin playing basketball. If I continue to find and grow my talents, believe God will one day wonderfully use them for His will. 

Throughout this book, Austin taught me that God wanted to use me. I found my uniqueness and decided to use it for God. In the same way, I want to say this: realize that God wants to use you too, find your gifts, and do not compare your gifts with others, accept your uniqueness with gratitude, and grow your gifts you have been given. Let’s study to give, grow to give, live to give. Thank you!

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