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Title EN Showcase
Date 2019-04-13     Visit 274

On April 13th, all CSL students gathered to enjoy games, activities and shows prepared by the four different EN classes. The EN showcase was hosted by two EN teachers and allowed students a chance to show off their talents in a cozy yet energetic environment.  With plays and musicals like “I am Special”, “Our Brain is like a Muscle that Grows” and “Try Everything”, the showcase served to encourage all students to continue to push themselves in English as well as other aspects of their lives. As the games continued, the students who were at first shy became active and it soon became a time of excitement and enjoyment where students spoke and yelled out to their friends in English without the fear of being incorrect. The showcase ended with the teachers reminding all students that instead of focusing on where they started their journey of learning English, we should all focus on where we will be in the future when our brain continues to grow and our skills continue to develop over the years. Overall, it was surely a memorable time for both to all who participated.

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