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Title 17th National MicroBiz! Business Simulation Competition
Date 2019-08-06     Visit 349

The 17th Microbiz competition was held at Shanghai from July 26 to 31. The competition, well known to bring both local and international students together, not only brings to focus the entrepreneurial skills to run a simulated business but the competent usage of both English and Chinese. Our students who participated not only returned with accolades to show the amount of effort they have poured into their interest but with evidence that exhibited their ability to apply their linguistic skills in the field of business. 

[Group Awards]
- Overall 2nd place (1st place was disqualified and our team was given the opportunity to participate in the US event held by DECA)

- The Best Dealer Company (最佳做市商)

 [Individual Awards]

- Sales Manager of the Year (年度最佳销售经理)

- Operation Manager of the Year (年度最佳运营经理)

- Product Manager of the Year (年度最佳产品经理)

- The Best CEO (最佳首席执行官)


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