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Title 2019~2020 The National High School Debate League China (NHSDLC)
Date 2019-08-16     Visit 1219

2019~2020 The National High School Debate League China (NHSDLC) 
The National High School Debate League China’s national tournament was hosted in Beijing from August 3rd to 5th. With over five thousand participants, who qualified from regional tournaments, the exceptional quality of students and the debate was palpable throughout the competition. 

Though this was the second national tournament we participated in as a school, our students showed their grit and confidence as they debated the topic of “Resolved: On balance, countries should pursue free trade policies over protectionism.” It was a meaningful time for all students who had the opportunity to challenge themselves and compete with students from all around China on a national platform.


8 teams participated in the national competition

5 teams reached the top 32

2 teams reached the top 16

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