Student Life

Branch Activity

In a small group format, students continue to meet with friends and teachers in an intimate setting to discuss a wide range of topics. Through these discussions and activities, students learn how to serve their community better and find the values that will anchor them through college and beyond.

Historical Site Visits 

Utilizing the diverse background of Harbin and the multiple museums and historical sites within the city, students will explore and experience the past to help dream of the future.

Chinese Cultural Experience 

Making traditional Chinese food, learning calligraphy, and trying martial arts are just a few examples of activities planned for our students. Through experiencing Chinese culture in person, students develop a deeper connection to the country that will aid in their learning of the language and further their understanding of China as a nation.

Community Volunteering

Nursing home visits, garage sale for donations, cleaning the streets and WB Foundation are ways for students to continue to nurture their heart for their community.


Healthy Food Festival

Students gather to make their own meal from raw materials using healthy ingredients. While learning to be thankful for the cafeteria workers that cook daily for the students, students also learn the importance of consuming food made of quality ingredients to improve their health.


Wanbang Hike

All students participate in this activity of endurance, fitness, and self-reflection as students accompanied by teachers walk in excess of 20 km. Holding the school flag high, students have a time of bonding through both the loudness of the songs they sing together and the silence of walking in reflection.


Illustrations & Poetry Day

Enjoying the beauty up close and personal, students have time to enjoy nature while putting their thoughts and reflections and sharing it in the form of poetry or illustrations.


National Highschool Debate League China (NHSDLC)

The nationwide competition holds the Harbin regionals at our school. This opportunity allows students to easily participate without logistical difficulties and provides a chance for students to practice and refine their English and logical thinking skills.



English Camp

Interactive classes full of activities, projects and discussions, English Camp provides students with a boost to their English skills and more importantly spark their interest in English every summer.



Students become teachers and prepare classes with lesson plans for our WB elementary school students and/or local underserved schools. During this event, students learn the love and care necessary to be a teacher and experience the joy of helping and guiding others.


Fall Sports Day

All students participate in a friendly competition with other classes in events like track, soccer, volleyball, long jump, etc. The highlights include the synchronized dance where all students and teachers dance to a set song and truly become unified.


Winter Festival

Students perform musicals, skits, and choir in celebration of the year’s end during this festival.  All students who participate share their joy and excitement through their act as the observing students share their thankfulness for each act through laughter and applause.


Wanbang Choir Team

Students experience more than just the joy of singing in our nationally recognized Wanbang Choir Team.  They will learn how to be a supportive member of a group and how to find their role within the team.


Wanbang Art Team

Beautifying the school one art project at a time, repainting one item at a time and repairing one decoration at a time. Wanbang Art Team allows students a place to build up their creativity and artistic skills in a supportive environment as students work to serve others.


Wanbang Media Team

Wanbang Media Team aims to convey the values of WB through the use of technical equipment and their unending imagination. Short and creative clips they create are not only attention-grabbing and fun but carry and deliver meaningful messages to all viewers.