Wanbang School


At Wanbang School, our mission is to find students the right fit for college where they can not only thrive academically, but engage with the community and create a positive change.


College counseling begins when students first enter SAP in 10th grade. Students are assigned an individual counselor who regularly guides and recommends both course selection and extracurricular activities for each student depending on their needs and fit. Numerous college representatives frequent our school exposing students throughout their 3 years in SAP to colleges from the UK, Canada, US, Singapore, China, etc.

In addition, students are offered an in-depth look into holistic review, the application process and college life abroad through a Guidance Course offered in 11th grade. It is also within the Guidance Course that students will begin brainstorming their essays and formalizing their college lists.

With the combination of our individual counselors, college counseling team, College Essay Workshops and Guidance Course, our students become well prepared to not only find a school that fits them most, but able to craft and express themselves fully throughout the application process.

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