Wanbang School


Weekend Electives

Wanbang School offers all students the opportunity to participate in a variety of weekend electives, which form a very important part of Wanbang Seven Power education. By participating in weekend electives, students experience a variety of learning experiences, develop a sense of responsibility, and develop leadership skills to collaborate and serve others. Therefore, Wanbang encourages all students to participate in weekend electives to maximize their educational experience and encourages each student to participate in at least two weekend elective classes that are appropriate for them.

  • Orchestra

  • Drama


  • Math(AMC 8/10/12)

  • Model United Nations

  • Debate

  • Baduk

  • Classic Book Discussion

  • Economics

  • Architecture

  • History

  • Samul nori

  • Creative Wrting

  • Embroidery

  • Coding

  • Psychology

  • Mock Trial

  • Men's Basketball

  • Men's Soccer

  • Women's Soccer

  • Badminton

  • Dance

  • Yoga & Zumba

  • American Football

  • Men's Hiking

  • Women's Hiking

  • Women's Volleyball

Student Activy

Long Hike
All students learn the spirit of community to overcome difficulties together
by walking together, challenging themselves to improve their patience and willpower
while trying to achieve a single common goal.

Community Service
Students learn to love their neighbors through activities such as
visiting nursing homes, Garage Sale, and the Wanbang Scholarship Foundation.

Students become teachers themselves, prepare lessons and teach English to Chinese elementary school students. It is an activity where students can share love and knowledge with others.

English Camp
Students increase their confidence and interest in English by intensively learning the four language areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing through various methods such as discussion, speech, and presentations.

Healthy Food Festival
Through the Healthy Food Festival, students can experience world food culture,
make food with healthy ingredients,
and recognize the importance of healthy eating.

Golden Bell Quiz Contest
This is a quiz competition held in the form of a golden bell. It helps students learn and check their understanding of what they learned through watch-think-write education, book review presentations, and lectures. It also quizzes basic facts about China.

Chinese Culture Experience
Through various Chinese cultural experience activities such as traditional Chinese food making, traditional crafts, Peking opera mask making, traditional Chinese martial arts, kite making, and calligraphy, students can learn not only the language of China, but also its culture and wisdom.

Poem Art Exhibition
Students breathe in fresh air in the open nature, and write poems or draw while looking at the green trees, grasses, and colorful flowers.

Sports Day
Through the sports day with the entire student body, students develop a healthy body and a healthy mind by harmonizing with friends.

Art Festival
It is an event in which all students and teachers participate, and it includes performances of weekend electives, art exhibitions, choir performances and plays to share gratitude and joy with the meaning of honesty, love, and sharing.

City tour
You can learn and experience history, culture, and science by visiting historical sites, science halls, and museums.

Run for love
Run for love is a marathon activity for donations organized and operated by students themselves. Participants are grateful to be able to send their hearts of love to many places.