Wanbang School


Through 'Branch Education', which has been implemented since the establishment of the school, the teachers serve as models for students by their life example and educate students of the same age group to grow wisely. Sometimes a teacher, and sometimes a student, becomes a mentor and carries out communication and counseling in all areas of personal growth and academics that continues the philosophy of Wanbang School.

All teachers in the school, including branch teachers, subject teachers, and homeroom teachers, hold meetings for each student and conduct regular and irregular counseling in academic and personal growth areas.

Academic Coaching

Academic Lectures
Students learn the right purpose and perspective of studying, study methods and habits that increase academic achievement, and the use of academic planners and binders and implement their learning regularly under the guidance and feedback of branch teachers to increase their skills and broaden their perspectives.

Regular Academic Counseling
Based on the accumulated data of Weekly tests, Monthly tests and assessments by grade level, an in-depth analysis of students' study methods and attitudes after Midterm and Final exams is conducted.

Office Hour
Through the Office Hour, students can go to subject teachers and ask questions on a one-to-one basis, and can learn how to ask specific and good questions and also develop the power to think about problem-solving, and build a solid knowledge structure.

College Counseling
Through College Guidance classes, individual guidance and counseling by Guidance/College Counselor teachers, and participation in admissions briefings by admissions officers from prestigious universities, help improve students’ understanding of universities around the world. The University Admissions Guidance Committee of Wanbang School communicates with students and parents and guides students to enter universities that best suit their individual needs.

Mentoring Program

Branch Meeting education
In Wanbang, not only is there a class, which is a unit of students studying together in one classroom, but there are also small group gatherings in which students of the same age (or class) are divided into several groups to learn and share various knowledge and wisdom of life which is a unique characteristic of Wanbang education.

Through branch gatherings made up of teachers and students of the same grade, students learn the spirit of community, find identities, dreams, and visions, and help form correct life values.

Peer Tutoring
In Wanbang, upper-grade students share their experiences and wisdom, such as efficient learning methods, use of time, sense of community, and the right attitude toward school life, to their lowerclassmen, and carry out projects to help them learn and live. The upperclassmen develop servant leadership, and the lowerclassmen learn academic knowledge, study methods, and attitudes.