Wanbang School


Residence Hall Education
“The residence hall is home. The residence hall is a place full of love.”

The residence hall is a space where students of various origins come together to develop a sense of understanding and consideration as they all are different, and become a family that truly loves each other. Students are trained to form a regular and diligent lifestyle and improve their overall self-management ability.

In Wanbang School, a 24-hour 360-degree caring system called ‘24/360’ is applied to educate the students.

Teachers are with students 24 hours a day, not only in the classroom, but also in the residence hall.

A residence hall created by students
In the residence hall room, 5-6 people live together for communal training. Leaders such as the floor leader, the vice floor leader, the group leader, and the room leader are organized, and the students autonomously develop a residence hall where they grow together under the guidance of the residence hall supervisor.

More than a school, we are a family
In all schools, there are no titles of seniors or juniors, just like a family relationship, there are only older brothers, older sisters, younger brothers and younger sisters. Older brothers and sisters serve as an example for younger brothers and sisters, and younger brothers and sisters watch and learn from older brothers and sisters, creating a healthy culture that continues the good flow.

0 Period Physical Education
Students do full-body stretches and run together after waking up in the morning. Students start the day with a clear mind by training a healthy body and waking up the body.

Breakfast and cleaning
Breakfast is an essential part of the physical and brain development of adolescent students, and students must make sure to have breakfast with their roommates.

Students have to organize their own bedding and personal items, and cooperate with their roommates to keep the residence hall clean. Students are also required to clean the public areas to increase their responsibility as a member of the residence hall.