Wanbang School

More Than a Student

We learn with a mindset of building for life, not just for college.

More Than a Teacher

We are shepherds that guide and lead students through their critical period of growth.

The WB Way

Why we Choose analogue in a digital world. Why we Choose to serve to lead.

More Than a School

We are a private boarding school in China offering provincially distinguished programs
based on our Seven Power Education.

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Wanbang School is Powernasium

Wanbang is a place where students are challenged to become MORE THAN. Going beyond what is required, our students become actors and achievers of their vision and goals of positivity at our Powernasium.

Wanbang students are trained and nurtured into becoming leaders who instill hope, leaders who change their community and leaders who serve others.

Wanbang classroom experiences are designed to be transformative. A Wanbang education prepares students for the demands of college, while also empowering them to serve the world far beyond the summit hill.

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